Drawing on a traditional ecosystems approach, the health of the land and the waterways is the same as the health and happiness of our children; what we do now affects those of the future.

The IAWA collaboration is a whole of community response to local data in Greater Shepparton that shows there is significantly lower engagement by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families in primary and universal services.

Collaboration member organisations and community across the Greater Shepparton region are dedicated to actively work together to improve outcomes for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children & families.

The collaborations purpose is to contribute to:

  • Increasing the engagement and participation of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children & families in early year’s development, education and holistic support options and services
  • Improving health & educational outcomes for children and build the capacity of families through parenting skills to improve life course trajectory
  • Promoting equity and inclusion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in Greater Shepparton

A range of approaches are being utilised to achieve its purpose including:

  • Utilising a Collective Impact approach
  • Employment of a Family Engagement Worker (*an Aboriginal and Torres Strait identified position)
  • Building sector wide cultural knowledge, understanding, safety, approaches and inclusiveness, through professional development opportunities
  • Embedding consultation and co-design into service delivery and practices
  • Supporting parental knowledge and capacity
  • Improving parent-service connectivity